See Christmas Like a Child

Children are messy. Their tiny chubby fingers leave fingerprints everywhere. They spill, leave crumbs, break things, and generally leave rooms in disarray when they leave. Children can be loud, and they ask lots and lots of questions.

Children are also curious and filled with wonder. Their imaginations soar. They wrap their little arms around you and give hugs with all their might. They laugh and share their contagious smiles. Children do exactly what children were made to do.

Kids trust and when they have faith in something, they believe big. God created them that way, and in His Word, He tells us to be like children when it comes to faith. In the book of Mark (and Luke), we read about a day when parents were bringing their children to Jesus. The disciples were sending the children away, but Jesus rebuked them and instructed them to let the children come.

Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like this child shall not enter it. And he took them in his arms and blessed them, laying his hands on them. Mark 10:15, 16

Jesus understood the hearts and faith of children. From this account, I believe we can see the “fun” side of Jesus. I imagine he laughed with the children and answered their questions. He may have told jokes and played tag. Think about it…What children are drawn to stuffy, serious adults?

Christmas is an especially great time to be a tyke. They can be excited, wild, and crazy and not care one bit about what other people think. They go “all in” to celebrate. For many years, I taught preschoolers, and hosted a birthday party for Jesus each Christmas. Every year the lively class of kids sang “Happy Birthday” with all of their hearts as if Jesus was sitting at the table. These lively preschoolers wore party hats and eagerly tooted horns to celebrate.

This Christmas, let’s try to be more like children: be messy, give hugs, laugh, and share smiles. Be filled with wonder as you remember the reason for Christmas and go “all in.” Let’s see Jesus as the guest of honor at every table and remember to celebrate with all of our hearts. Tooting horns is optional!