A Sweet Celebration

The holiday season can be full of so much excitement, joy, and…food! Growing up my fondest Christmas memories were spent gathered in the kitchen with whisks in hand, the smell of fresh-baked cookies overflowing into every room of the house, and cousins catching up with one another over a cup of hot chocolate at my grandma’s house. No matter what happened from one year to the next, my cousins and I could always count on this tradition.

You see, the act of baking the cookies brought us all together, but it was much more than that. It was the laughs in between; it was the sharing of the baked goods with friends and neighbors; it was the passing of recipes between generations to generation, and it was the overall feeling of being united and at home no matter the distance that separated us throughout the year.

Being a baker and reflecting on Christmas I have always found it interesting that Jesus used bread, a simple and straightforward baked good, to describe Himself. He could have used anything, yet he used bread?!

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” – John 6:35

It makes sense that Jesus would use something as simple as bread to describe Himself. You see, bread is full of leavening agents - ingredients used to make things rise. As Christ was raised, so are those that believe in Christ. Baked goods have a way of uplifting people’s spirits; they have a way of bringing people together; they have a way of making you feel full and at home. Jesus said, “I am the bread of life…” In Him we are raised to life, in Him we feel that joy, in Him we are complete, and in Him we find our home. THIS is WHO and WHY we celebrate Christmas. 

So whether you are a grade A baker or the best taste-tester, I encourage you to gather with your friends and family, invite your coworkers or neighbors, reach out to someone who may have difficulty finding the joy in the holidays, and partake in the sweet celebration of the birth of our Savior this Christmas! 


Here are some ideas this Christmas season as you gather at the table…

Host a Christmas Cookie Bake!

Invite your friends and family over and bake/decorate Christmas cookies. Even if people do not like to bake, I am sure they love to eat cookies! Plus if you have any extras, Crossroads Church will be collecting baked goods during the Christmas Eve Services.

Deliver Baked Goods!

You may not be too comfortable baking in the kitchen, but did you know Crossroads Church needs volunteers to deliver baked goods to Coweta’s First Responders during Christmas Eve. Who knew that a simple act could be so sweet?! (pun totally intended!)

Share Your Favorite Recipes!

I love seeing people share family recipes and traditions. Between personal preferences, cultural practices/techniques, to simple delights, we can learn so much just through the sharing of food.

From my kitchen to your table, Merry Christmas, my friends!