Crossroads Recreation



Crossroads Church wants to provide a safe and family-friendly environment for children and adults to play sports, exercise, and have fun in the Coweta County area. We aim to provide a wide range of opportunities for healthy activity by consistently offering and maintaining multiple sports leagues, tournaments, and special recreation events. It is our hope that we can play a part in building a stronger local community in Coweta County through recreation, sports, and physical activity. Our Recreation facility is located in Newnan, Georgia at our Thomas Crossroads Campus.


Currently Registering For:


Youth Sports

Our mission is to build up the youth of our community through athletics. Experiencing the joy of being part of a team, children are offered a positive and supportive environment in which they can play and learn more about their sport! Teams are coached by carefully selected adults who invest their time, gifts, and abilities to create a Christ-centered atmosphere for each sport league.

Adult sports

By combining fun, friendly competition, and the opportunity to build relationships, our Adult Sports are a great way to connect. Individual participants are invited to join one of our established leagues or join with a Small Group.



Special Events

From volleyball, basketball and golf tournaments to 5K runs, we are committed to building a strong local community. Our special recreation events serve as an opportunity for people to connect with each other and our church.


Check in here to find links to game schedules and other recreation resources that you may need.


Basketball and Cheerleading Key Dates for 2019/2020 Season:

October 1 | Online Registration opens

October 19 | Assessments and Uniform Try-On 9:30AM - 12:00PM

October 26 | Assessments and Uniform Try-On 9:30AM - 12:00PM

October 31 | Registration Deadline

November 2 | Assessments and Uniform Try-On 9:30AM - 12:00PM

November 9 | Coaches Meeting, 10:00AM (Thomas Crossroads Campus in the Hangar)

November 14 | Coaches Receive Rosters/Players and Parents are Contacted

November 19-21 | Practices Begin

November 26-28 | Break for Thanksgiving

December 14 | First Game

December 24-January 2 | Break for Christmas and New Years

January 4 | Games Resume

February 8 | Last Game

February 10 | Awards Banquet

All cheerleaders should also attend one of these dates to try on uniforms.

After I register what is my next step?

Attend one of the assessment/uniform try on days and wait for your coach to reach out to you following our coaches meeting on November 12.

How many games are there in a season?

Each team will play eight games this season.

What nights of the week are practices?

Practices will be on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

May I request that my child be on a team with his/her friend?

Although we’d love to put friends together, we encourage making new friends.

May I request a practice night?

We wish we could accommodate each practice night request, but due to the volume of participants, we cannot fulfill requests.

May I create my own team?

Unfortunately, no. In order to keep the league as fair as possible, all teams will be selected by the league coordinators and coaches based off of information gathered from the assessments.

Are the assessment/uniform try on days mandatory?

Yes, all participants are required to attend ONE assessment/uniform try on day. This will help us make teams as fair as possible.

Why does my child or I need to try on the uniforms?

By physically trying on the uniforms before we place the online order, it will help us limit the amount of uniforms not fitting. If you aren't able to physically try on a uniform before we place the order, there will be no exchanges or returns.