26 Inexpensive Things to Do with Your Kids this Summer

When the kids are out of school, it can be a bittersweet time for parents. Lots of fun comes with summer, but the kids' boredom can set in quickly. Parents have a great opportunity during the summer to make lasting memories with their kids while keeping the kids entertained at the same time!

We put together some inexpensive ideas for you and your kids to have some fun together this summer!

1. Local Parks & Playgrounds

    Pack a picnic and head out to a local park!

2. Dollar Movies

Did you know that many movie theaters have dollar movie days/mornings?

Regal Cinemas offers $1 movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings throughout the summer. Check their website for specific details. Sit back and enjoy a kids' feature in the air conditioning!

3. Hiking

Put on comfy shoes and head out to explore nature. Make sure you pack extra water and snacks!

4. Library

Libraries have lots of resources and fun for kids other than just books. Head over to your local library to find out what they have going on during the week. Sometimes they give free classes and read books to the kids!

5. Go Swimming

Find a friend with a pool or visit your neighborhood pool. Maybe there's a lake that you love to go to as well. Make sure to jump in and enjoying splashing and playing with your kids!

6. Make Slime

Find out how to make slime and where to buy materials HERE!

7. Sprinklers or Slip n’ Slide

Sprinklers may not sound thrilling to us as adults, but for kids, it’s the best! Running around with the water falling is great and having a slip n’ slide is even better!

8. Ride Bikes

Riding bikes around the neighborhood is fun, but there are also plenty of places to ride bikes in Peachtree City and at Callaway Gardens!

9. Catch Bugs

Buy a little bug catcher or use a jar and let your kids find crickets, ladybugs, caterpillars, and other fun bugs to watch. Magnifying glasses are available at dollar stores to get a really close view!

10. Play Sports

Playing sports is always a fun time during the summer. Grab a ball or frisbee and get outside! Use stools, hula hoops, or other items to make an obstacle course in your yard. Time each other to see who makes it through the fastest!

11. Make S’mores

S’mores by the fire are so yummy, but did you know that you can also make s’mores in the microwave on those rainy days? Click HERE to find out how!

12. Build a Fort - Blankets or Cardboard Boxes

Building a fort is a classic! If you don't have boxes, place a large blanket over the kitchen table, and everyone can crawl inside. Use flashlights and tell stories or read. Don’t miss out on indoor "camping!"

13. Bake Cookies

Baking and decorating cookies is not only fun for the kids, it’s also beneficial for you! 

14. Pick Berries at a Farm

Head over to a local farm and pick some blueberries or strawberries!

15. Water Balloons

Let your kids get outside and fill up some water balloons. Have a water balloon war and see who wins! For older kids, use sidewalk chalk to draw targets with points on the driveway and play water balloon "darts."

16. Finger Painting

The good thing about summer is that you can do so much outside. Grab some paint and old clothes and let the kids use their hands to create art. Let your kids paint with inexpensive household items for cool textures (i.e. toothbrushes, hairbrushes, small brooms, or combs).

17. Sidewalk Chalk

The awesome part about sidewalk chalk is that you can draw over and over again. As soon as that chalk washes away, the kids can draw again! Trace each other on the pavement and create your own chalk "selfies!"

18. Bowling

Bowling alleys often provide special discount offers. Check out your local bowling alley’s website to find a day to go!

19. Music

Turn on some music, play dress up, and get to dancing! Everyone loves a good beat.

20. Sno Cones or Popsicles

Buy a shaved ice maker or just some ice trays with popsicle sticks. Put some soda or juice in the ice trays, put in the popsicle sticks, and in just a few hours, you’ll have refreshing popsicles!

21. Bubbles

Who doesn't love bubbles? Head over to Walmart or the Dollar Store to get a couple of different sizes of bubbles and wands!    

22. Water Color Painting

Get outside or set up a painting table for water color painting. A spray bottle filled with water color paint is also a fun way to paint an old bed sheet or tablecloth. 

23. Picnic

Enjoy an outdoor picnic at a local park or even in your backyard! Let the kids make the sandwiches and help pack up the snacks. Have them take their favorite beach towel or blanket to sit on.

24. Make Tie-Dye Clothes

Learn how to make tie-dye clothes HERE!

25. Decorate Cookies or Cupcakes

Pop some cookie dough or cupcake batter into the oven and get the icing ready! Give each child a container of icing and let them spread it on. Get creative with fun toppings such as brownie pieces, sprinkles, Reese's, M&M's, Skittles, or other small candies.

26. Marble Painting

Get an old or cheap container (foil baking pans work great!), some marbles, a piece of blank paper, and paint. Give one to each kid and have them rock the containers back and forth to make the marbles roll through the paint and create art! Click HERE to see how.

Whatever you choose to do this summer, enjoy spending time together and make lots of sweet memories.