Go Outside!

The official first day of Spring is this week, so hopefully, consistent warmer weather will be here soon. Along with the change in weather, Spring usually brings a sense of new beginnings and growth. There’s just something refreshing about this season.

Like bears hibernating in Winter, Spring presents a wonderful opportunity for us to get out of our “caves.” God created a beautiful, amazing world for us to enjoy. I believe experiencing God’s creation first-hand encourages us to praise God and understand just how magnificent He is. It’s impossible to feel like God’s equal when you see yourself in comparison to His works.

Psalm 104:24 - Oh Lord, how manifold are you works! In wisdom have you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.

Being outside also has health benefits, both physical and mental. Just being outside on a sunny day can lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, and improve sleep. Slowing down to enjoy the sounds and smells of nature is therapeutic to fight anxiety and stress and boost creativity. Best of all, sunshine and fresh air are a free gift from God!

All people, young and old, can benefit from being outside. I’ve listed ten inexpensive or free suggestions for you to try this Spring. Whichever ones you choose, remember to take time to thank God for His stunning creation.

10 Outdoor Activities

1. Picnic in a local park

2. Hike a nature trail

3. Create a flower bed or a vignette with pots

4. Visit a historic battle field or reserve

5. Walk around your neighborhood

6. Read a book on your back porch

7. Enjoy coffee at a cafe with outdoor seating

8. Take a stroll at an outdoor shopping center

9. Check out a local farmer’s market

10. Take a bike ride

So what outdoor activities do you enjoy? Share your favorites in the comments! Let’s encourage each other to go outside!