Women's Small Groups and Studies


Spiritual growth happens best in a small group (Crossroads has four types of small groups)

  • Recovery Groups

  • Bible Study Groups

  • Essentials Groups

  • Discipleship Groups (M7 Project Groups)

    If you would like more information about how you can connect to a Women’s Small Group, contact Robbie Roberts at rroberts@crossroadsnewnan.org.

BodyBalance (Exercise) - STUDIO 6  

Led by Sandy Granade

Bend and stretch through a series of moves to strengthen your entire body and calm your mind. No matter your level of fitness, Sandy will demonstrate options for beginners to get started safely while also challenging those who are more experienced.

Wednesday Mornings (Childcare Provided)
Sharpsburg (Hwy 16) campus


Discipleship Small Groups (M7 Project)

Are you ready to accept the challenge to become an M-7 Disciple who will multiply other M-7 Disciples? If your answer is yes, an M7 Project Small Group is for you. We will spend six months developing the character and conduct of Christ as we work through the M7 Project books. In book one, you will learn what it means to have the conduct of Christ. In book two, you will learn what it means to have the character of Christ. The M7 Project is designed to help you understand and live out the character and conduct of Christ in your life.

Wednesday Mornings (Childcare Provided)
New Groups will Launch January 2020

GroupS LED BY:

Robbie Roberts, Cherry RAyfield, Allison Wolke, and Angie Hall

Sharpsburg (Hwy 16) campus

Thursday Mornings (Childcare Provided)

Groups LED BY:

Jennifer Walker Begins August 29 - Nursery Hall in Nursing Mother’s room
Beth Buckholtz M7 Begins September 29 -Studio 3

Sharpsburg (Hwy 16) campus

Essentials Small Group - STUDIO 4

Led by Jean Dezel

Everyone needs to be in a small group! This is a great environment to grow spiritually and relationally as we go through the Impact Essential Series. Each week we will spend time in God's Word and prayer. Small Groups challenge, encourage, and support one another while sharing life.

Wednesday Mornings (Childcare Provided)
Sharpsburg (Hwy 16) campus


Bible Study Small Group
Overcomer- STUDIO 3

From the Creators of War Room
Led by Wendy Creel, and Janette Higgins

Thursday Mornings (Childcare Provided)
begins September 26

Sharpsburg (Hwy 16) campus


Bible Study Small Group - STUDIO 5
Restless by Jennie Allen

Led by Sandy Granade

Using the story of Joseph, the dreamer, Jennie Allen (founder of IF Gathering) explains how his suffering, gifts, relationships—all of the threads of his life—fit into the greater story of God and how our stories can do the same. What would happen if God got bigger than your fear and insecurity, and you spent the rest of your life running without reservation after his purposes for you? You were created for more.

Everyone needs to be in a small group! This is a great environment to grow spiritually and relationally. Each week we will spend time in God's Word and prayer. Small Groups challenge, encourage, and support one another while sharing life.


Wednesday Mornings (Childcare Provided)

Beginning August 18
Sharpsburg (Hwy 16) campus


Bible Study Small Group - STUDIO 5
The Book of Romans, Part 1

by Val Adams

Our world is in trouble. Whether it is the division, the violence, the confusion, the hate, the reality is there are a lot of things "wrong" with our world. And, the fact is, it just seems to be getting worse with each passing day. The good news is that the apostle Paul addresses this concept of “being right” when surrounded by a world gone “wrong” in his letter to the Romans almost 2000 years ago! His letter to the believers in Rome is a book that every Christian today needs to study because the truths explained give us hope for this messed up world. What this world needs is Christ followers who understand the truth, so that they can help make an impact on the world around them. Come join us as we take a journey through the book of Romans and learn how to be right in this confusing, messed up time we are living in!

Thursday Evenings (No Childcare Provided) 
Beginning September 12 at 6:45PM

Sharpsburg (Hwy 16) campus

First Place 4 Health 

Led by Karen Shockey

First Place 4 Health is a Christ-centered total-wellness program that teaches how to lost weight and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The first meeting is an orientation and from there you decide if this program is for you. The program involves a commitment to attend each of the 12 week sessions. Orientation is August 13, and you may join within the first two weeks. Each week includes Bible study, food tracking, scripture memorization, accountability and encouragement.

For more information and to RSVP, please contact Karen Shockey at 678-416-3273 or jshockey@charter.net. The Bible study materials ($20.00) will be ordered following the orientation class. In addition to the Bible study materials, it is required for each person to purchase a Member's Kit which may be used repeatedly for each succeeding Bible study. Kits may be purchased from firstplace4health.com.

Tuesday Evenings (Childcare Provided)

Thomas Crossroads Campus (Hwy 154), Mobile unit 400

Women's Mentoring Program


What is a Mentoring ministry?

This ministry is based on Titus 2:3-5 which instructs us to teach younger women what we’ve learned about the Lord’s plan for lives, growth and maturity. We strive to intentionally develop friendships among women of different generations. Our ministry includes women with different maturity levels in Christ and in different seasons of life. Mentors share their experiences with mentees who are seeking insight and encouragement to live a Christ-centered life. The goal is to form strong friendships that are a source of support, growth and strength.

What is a Mentor?  

A mentor is a wise woman who is mature in faith, a devoted Christ follower who leads by His example and strives to live a Christ-centered life through every season. She is willing to listen, share skills and insight and provide a positive perspective for life experiences. She provides spiritually sound guidance and encouragement because she knows the path a little better.

What is a Mentee?

A mentee is a woman who welcomes the insight and knowledge of a more mature woman. She desires to grow and develop certain skills and strengths for her personal and spiritual journey. She is looking for a friend who has dealt with the struggles and phase of life she now faces.

What is the commitment?

This only works if both mentor and mentee are engaged and communicating regularly.  We ask for you to make contact once a week (text, call, email), meet together as your schedules permit, pray for each other regularly and always be ready to listen, share and encourage each other. 

What’s next? 

If you are interested in being a part of this ministry, complete the appropriate profile form using the links below. All of the information you provide helps us match you with a compatible mentor/mentee, so please share everything you want us to know. The Titus Team will then, through prayer and review of your profile, determine a match and will contact you with that information.

Get Connected!

If you would like to be a Mentee contact Carol Wells HERE!

If you would like to become a Mentor, contact Carol Wells HERE!


Outdoor connection


Women's outdoor Connections

Women's Outdoor Connections is an opportunity for women to explore the outdoors together. This group enjoys hiking, kayaking, tubing, and other outdoor activities. Each month, a new activity is selected. No experience is required for most outings. Join us for the next Outdoor Connection!

You can join us on Facebook HERE!



Women's Ministry Events

We have two exciting events coming 2019-2020.


CHRISTmas 2019

November 22nd

This year, we are excited to welcome comedian Anita Renfroe. Join us for a fun Girls Night Out - enjoy a delicious meal, great conversation, and laugh until it hurts. Not only is Anita a hilarious comedian, she is also an incredible communicator. This night is designed to bring women together as we reach out to friends and neighbors and focus our hearts and minds on Christ as we enter into the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We are looking for hostesses to make this evening special for everyone who attends. Hostess registration will open September 1 on a first come basis. Tickets will be limited due to table placement.

Hostess Registration Form CLICK HERE]


Contact Robbie Roberts at rroberts@crossroadsnewnan.org to find out how to get tickets and make a difference by joining the team.

This event will be held at the Sharpsburg Campus at 3260 Hwy 16.

Worship Center Doors OPEN at 6:30PM.

Dinner BEGINS at 6:45PM.



It’s been a wild decade going from “stay-at-home-mom” to “YouTube comedic Phe-mom-enon”…

…but Anita Renfroe doesn’t mind. With her unique brand of estrogen flavored musical comedy and blend of sass, edge and slightly offbeat takes on All Things Female, audiences at her comedy concert tours, viewers of Good Morning America appearances and the YouTube masses who enjoyed her William Tell version of everything a Mom says would say that Anita just tells it like it is.
Some would say she just says what everyone else is thinking, but won’t say out loud.

I’d rather people laugh because they relate to something I say than because I wrote a clever punchline. All my stuff is about my life – it’s real and it connects people – and that’s a wonderful thing. – Anita

Anita has been featured as a comedy correspondent for Good Morning America, performed at The Grand Ole Opry, and has appeared on Sirius XM, CBS’s “The Early Show”, Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends”, “Inside Edition”, Nickelodean’s “Mom’s Night Out”, “Huckabee” and many more.

Renfroe and her husband John live in Atlanta, Ga with their spoiled dogs, Maggie and Chipper. They have 3 adult children (but who cares about them?!), and 6 amazing grand babies!


IF Graphic for CHRISTmas.jpeg

IF: Coweta 2020

IF: Coweta 2019 was life-changing, and we are thrilled to bring IF:Coweta back March 7, 2020!

Discover ways to join the IF:Coweta team by contacting Robbie Roberts at rroberts@crossroadsnewnan.org. Check back for more details and to register.