Connecting to Membership is a class to help you understand why membership is important and what membership at Crossroads means.

Connecting to Membership at Crossroads Church means making a commitment to God and other believers. The Biblical concept of membership means making a commitment to believing together and belonging together. That means we are committed to sharing faith and life.

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Membership Qualifications

Have a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

Be Baptized by Immersion

Be Committed to a Small Group

Be in Agreement with Crossroads Church’s Vision and Values

Be in Alignment with Crossroads Church’s Structure

Be Active and Involved

Watch the online Membership Class

Fill out the membership application

Online Class

Click here to view and print the membership class outline before beginning the online membership class.

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If you have already completed the Membership Class and are ready to fill out the membership application, please print the application and email it to us by scanning the document, mailing it to the church office at Thomas Crossroads, or bringing it to the guest services counter before or after a weekend service. Click here to download.