Our Why?

In Genesis 12:2, God told Abraham that He would "bless him so that he would be a blessing." We believe God has done the same thing for Crossroads Church. God has blessed our church so that we can be a blessing to others.  

As we plan for the future, we are more committed than ever to use our God-given resources to Impact Coweta County and beyond!

Please pray and ask God how you can be a part of Impacting Coweta.


Short Range


Community Garden Center


Our Community Garden Center is finished! This three-acre area includes a one-acre garden to supply I-58 Missions and Bridging the Gap with fresh produce for distribution to local families in need. To volunteer or for more information, click HERE.


Outdoor Amphitheater


Planning and architectural discussions are in progress for the construction of our Outdoor Amphitheater and Outdoor Pavilion & Pond. Work will begin on these projects simultaneously. Our Outdoor Amphitheater will provide an open-air venue for concerts, sunrise services, and weddings with seating for 500.

  • The Land development is moving into final grading stage. Terraces will be graded, followed by installation of irrigation and then Sod. 

  • EMC has run electric to the site. They have also accounted for future development within this run of electrical lines. By placing junction points at various spots, we can tap into these for the sports complex. 

  • Stage for the amphitheater is still in the planning and decision stages


Outdoor Pavilion & Pond


The Outdoor Pavilion & Pond will create an environment for small group gatherings, picnics, and other celebrations with seating for 150.

  • Pond is holding water at a greater rate then when initial grading was complete. 

  • Rip rap needs to be installed at heavy run-off areas to prevent erosion 

  • Grading along the bank is going to be refined and hydro seeded with permanent mixture of Bermuda Grass. 

  • Pond will be treated for weeds once all the above is completed 

  • If water level stabilizes over the next year, we can add fountain and refine the landscaping around the area above the banks


Phase 1 of Recreation Site Development


Upon completion of the amphitheater, we will begin construction on the infrastructure for the Recreational Facilities. Phase one will consist of grading and land preparation to create an entrance from Poplar Road and access roads. Building an infrastructure is a necessary first step in expanding our recreation ministry to reach more of our community for Christ.

Please prayerfully consider giving a one time or a reoccurring gift by clicking HERE!

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Amphitheater 01.png
Fountain 01.png
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Long Range


  • Phase 2 of Recreation Site Development ($575K)

  • Develop a Run/Walk Fitness Trail ($160K)

  • Phase 2 Amphitheater Restrooms & Equipment ($185K)

  • Kids Play Park ($180K)

  • Wellness Center & Gym

  • Community Impact Center

  • Student Center

  • Office Complex