As you begin your leadership journey with Crossroads Youth, it is imperative that you know our team is very thankful for the commitment you are making and is excited for what God will do in you and though you in this time. Our desire is to prepare you for your future experiences with students. At any point, we are available to you should you have questions or concerns. We don’t just love high school students — we love you too.

This booklet is not all-inclusive. It’s a foundation that will guide you though what we expect of our Crossroads Youth Family. The stakes are high and the responsibilities are considerable because leading and loving students is no small or insignificant task.

Each week we will stack hands and join hearts to reach students and families who are far away from God and his plan for their lives. Together we will have a front-row seat to the miraculous life-change that God desires for each persons life.

Thank you for following God’s plan for you at Crossroads Youth. Thank you for being willing to get sweaty, work hard, stay late, come early, and do anything it takes.


The goal of Crossroads Youth is to create an excellent student experience that is inviting, fun, encouraging and creative. We want to show students that God wants them to experience life beyond what they can comprehend or imagine! We will accomplish this through the following goals:

  • See Students Come To Know Jesus

  • See Students Baptized

  • See Students Connected to The Local Church

  • See Students Join a Crew

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* by investing my time and talents serving at the church * by developing a heart of service, willing to anything, everything, or nothing at all * by uniting with the vision of the church through words and actions * by making Youth Wednesdays a priority and attending at least 3 out of 4 weeks.
* by praying for those I know who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ * by asking the un-churched to attend weekend services * by telling the story of how Jesus is changing my life
* by giving to the church * by striving to live a life of generosity * by praying for the protection and provision of the church
Serving the next generation is an honor and a privilege. We are not just helping to develop their values and beliefs we are training them up as leaders for God’s Kingdom. Any leadership position is a responsibility that we take very seriously especially as it pertains to our youth. We know we are called to live a life above reproach and we are called to set an example for students at all times. ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO We ask that you limit any alcohol or tobacco use to the privacy of your home.
Illegal Drugs should never be used.
When participating in any form of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc.) keep the following in mind: * No bathing suit pictures, pictures that allude to a partying life style. * No pictures alluding to or with the consumption of alcohol or the use of tobacco products, posts or comments that allude to anything sexual. * Avoid posts with foul language, gossip, and/or slander Social Media is huge in the lives of students and it is the best place to see what really goes on in the lives of people. Please remember the students are looking for someone to lead them and exemplify a life that is God honoring.
We ask that you are setting a spiritual example in your dating and marriage relationships. Living a sexually pure life and leading as God has called you to lead in your relationships.
There is no confidential information between you and a student. Never tell a student that what they tell you will stay between you and them. It is crucial that you relay any information that needs to be addressed or investigated to the appropriate pastor or staff member. With that being said, any information you may receive from a student is not public information for everyone to know, that information needs to stay between you, the student and the leader. Do not ever discuss a student issue on public forum or in private with other volunteers. In cases of suspected physical, emotional, or sexual abuse you are required to report it to a pastor. Additionally, if a student informs you that they plan to harm themselves you are to elevate it to our staff. There is no situation in which you need to make promises to students or feel personally responsible for the situation. Bring our team into the loop and allow us to help the student
Unity is one of the most important things that we can strive for. We must strive for unity in following areas: * Unified as leaders. We don't talk down, talk trash, or gossip about other adult leaders on our team. * Unified as a ministry. We help promote, and encourage students to attend events at Crossroads Youth and Crossroads Church. When we don't make an effort to be at and invite others to Youth or Church wide events it sends the message that it's not important. * Unified in Belief. When it comes to what we believe at Crossroads Church we must be in agreement. If there is something outside of the Crossroads Statement of Faith (found at please let us know, as well as understand that being a part of this team means you are in agreement with the Beliefs of Crossroads Church.
By filling out the below section, you E-Signing to submit this document. If you marked Disagree on any of the above statements Pastor Cody will contact you soon with next steps. *
By filling out the below section, you E-Signing to submit this document. If you marked Disagree on any of the above statements Pastor Cody will contact you soon with next steps.