Sin Shook



To discover how we can fight temptation, heal from past mistakes, and set our lives on the path God has laid out for us.



These are meant to spark conversation within your group. Use one, use none, or use them all. Most importantly feel out where your group is at and get them talking. You can find some ice breaker games / discussions in the leader hub as well!


  • Have you ever attempted something that completely failed? 

  • Whats the funniest “fail” video you have ever seen?

  • What is something that left you Shook?


Shook: Shocked or surprised. Cannot believe what you are seeing.




Encourage your Crew to open their Bibles (or app) and ask one of them to read the passage.

  • What do you think Paul means when he says that if we think we are strong we should be careful? (when we start to believe we are strong in an area, we tend to slack and lean on our own strength. This makes it easier for us to fall. like leaning back in a chair further and further overtime because it hasn’t fallen over yet)

  • How is it helpful to know that the temptations I face are not uncommon, other people are going through the same thing? (It’s easy to start to believe that we are alone in our struggle. We are not. Even if the struggle i'm facing is different than yours, we can lean on each other for help.)

  • How do you think we can see the way out that God is providing us? How do you think we can choose it after we see it? (Saturating ourselves with God’s word through the Bible, worship music etc. When we are so filled with God’s word we start to remember it in our weak moments. It is hard to see and choose the way God is providing when we are never in communication with Him.)




  • Temptation is rooted in a lie that God is keeping something from you. Adam and Eve in Genesis 1 were tricked by the enemy telling them that God was holding back the one fruit from one tree and it changed their lives and our lives forever. The enemy always seems a lot louder than he really is. How can you personally focus on God’s plan and not the enemies distractions?

  • What lie do you hear most often? What does the enemy try to convince you that God is keeping from you? 

  • What can we as a group do to help each other see God’s “Better way” for our lives?



  • Make sure you all have each others phone numbers and start a group chat. Let’s help each other by checking in regularly in the chat.

  • We talked about one of the keys to battling temptation is “Bringing sin into the light”. Freedom comes when you bring what you’ve been fighting alone, into the light. Make sure you are not fighting alone in the dark. The enemy wants to convince you to keep it there and that you can do this alone. (encourage students to talk to you even they have something they need to bring into the light, or to each other.)



Ask your Crew if there is anything that we can pray for, write them down, and then end the night in prayer. Encourage another student to kick off the prayer and then you finish up.