Growth | ICON


To show that God wants us to be in consistent growth. When we use what God has given us to reach others and for His glory, We Grow.


These are meant to spark conversation within your group. Use one, use none, or use them all. Most importantly feel out where your group is at and get them talking. You can find some ice breaker games / discussions in the leader hub as well!

  • How was everyone’s week?

  • What is one of your favorite things to do? (sports, videos games, shopping, hikes, anything!)

  • Do you feel like you have gotten better at that thing over time?



Encourage your Crew to open their Bibles (or app) and ask one of them to read the passage.

  • Here we see the writer comparing our spiritual growth to a plant (rooted, built up). When you think of your faith being “Rooted” what comes to mind?

  • Roots in a plant allow the plant to get what it needs to grow. What are the things that Christians need to grow closer to God? (prayer, fasting, bible reading, trust, small group, etc.)

  • The writer here says that we will be rooted, built up, and then strengthened in the faith. What does a “Strengthened in the faith” christian look like?

When we grow in our relationship with God, when we are “Rooted and Built Up”, God sends us opportunities to use what we have been given (our time, our season, our gifts, talents, etc.) to reach others and to glorify God.


  • Wednesday we talked about how there were three steps to using what we have for God:

    • REALIZE (discover what God has given you. Talents, passions, gifts, opportunities, relationships, etc.)

    • SOW (put what you’ve been given into action)

    • WAIT (like a plant, we wait, and see the Growth)

  • Which part to you think is hardest for you personally? Write down the word on a piece of paper or in a note on your phone. (is it realizing what you have? Knowing what to do with it? Or waiting and believe that God will do something with it?

  • Has there been a time when you stepped out and used what you had for God? If so share with the group.

When we start to use what we have been given for God’s glory, we grow even more. We start to see God work in our lives and it builds or faith. Realize what you have, put it into action, and then wait.

Remember that the outcome (what happens in the end) is not your responsibility, obedience is. Step out in obedience, and remember that God will handle the outcome.


  • This week, how can you use what you have to glorify God and reach others?

  • Sometimes it’s hard for us to see in ourselves what we have that God wants to use. The quickest way to realize what God has given you is to ask someone. Ask your leader or someone in your CREW what you have that God wants to use.

  • Brainstorm ideas this week on how to use what God has given you.

  • If you are in a waiting period keep going. Don’t give up. Lean on others in your Crew. The growth will come.