Rumors | Week 1 | The Church


To see the potential that the church has, and how being a part of the body of Christ is important. Consistency not perfection is the goal.


These are meant to spark conversation within your group. Use one, use none, or use them all. Most importantly feel out where your group is at and get them talking. You can find some ice breaker games / discussions in the leader hub as well!

  • Whats the craziest rumor you have ever heard? 

  • Have you ever believed a rumor only to find out it was false?

  • What do you think the church is for? Why does it exist?



Encourage your Crew to open their Bibles (or app) and ask one of them to read the passage.

  • Jesus here tells Peter that not only would he help start the church but that this church would not be overcome. Looking forward not only to the global church of all believers but also to the local gatherings Jesus said that His people gathered under His name would change the world. Do you feel that is what the church looks like today? A thing that cannot be shaken?

  • Jesus talked as if the church had huge potential. That God wanted to use it to accomplish big things. What do you think those things are? What does God want to do through the church? 


  • The bible talks about all believers being the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27). That together we accomplish things we could never do apart when we all bring our gifts and talents together. What do you believe your gifts and talents are? (leader: this is a chance for you to also tell these students what YOU see in them. What you see their gifts and talents are.)

  • How can you use those talents in the church, to reach others, or for God in general?

  • Often when people make mistakes the Church is the last place they want to be. in your opinion, why do you think that is?

The church was never meat to be for perfect people. The goal is not perfection, but a consistent pursuit of Jesus. Being planted in God’s house and being consistent helps us grow our faith.


  • When one part of the body is missing it hurts the whole body (imagine missing a limb. ouch.) the same is true for the body of Christ. How can you make being a part of the church more of a priority? If it is already a priority for you, how can you help reach out to others?

  • The potential of the church is unlimited. You have a huge part in that potential. Making Church and your spiritual growth a priority isn’t just about you, it’s also about all the people that need someone with your gifts, talents, and faith to reach them. 


Ask your Crew if there is anything that we can pray for, write them down, and then end the night in prayer. Encourage another student to kick off the prayer and then you finish up.