Rumors | Week 6 | Waiting


To learn what we do when it seems like God is saying “wait”.


These are meant to spark conversation within your group. Use one, use none, or use them all. Most importantly feel out where your group is at and get them talking.You can find some ice breaker games / discussions in the leader hub as well

  • Do you feel like you are an impatient person? Why or why not?

  • what is something that you had to wait a long time for? Something you had to save money for? How did it feel when you finally got it?

  • Have you ever settled for less because you didn’t want to wait?



Encourage your Crew to open their Bibles (or app) and ask one of them to read the passage.

  • These verses talk about how we should trust God, and not just rely on what we understand. What do you think is the hardest part about trusting God day to day?

    • (Here we are looking for answers like “it’s hard to trust someone that it seems isn’t physically here”. Or “it’s hard to know what God wants me to do”.

  • Trusting God everyday is a decision we have to make. You will not always wake up feeling like trusting. What are some things that anyone can do to remind themselves that trusting God is always better?

    • (consistent bible reading, prayer, community etc.)


  • One of the hardest times to trust God is when we have asked, prayed, petitioned with God for something and it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it was for us, or for someone else. Have you ever had a time like this? What was it like? When was it? What were you asking God for?

  • When It seems like God is saying “wait” it can be tough to trust. When it’s tough to trust, we start to take things into our own hands. What do you think are the dangers with deciding to take what you originally trusted with God into your own hands?



  • this verse says it’s courageous to wait and trust God’s Timing.  why do you think that is? (Waiting on God takes more faith and more courage than just trusting yourself. It’s honorable to wait on God)


  • Knowing yourself, what can you do daily to trust God more?

  • What are the areas in your life that you consistently take into your own hands, that you need to put back in God’s hands and wait on his timing?

  • Commit to praying specifically this week for everyone in your CREW to trust God’s timing.


Ask your Crew if there is anything that we can pray for, write them down, and then end the night in prayer. Encourage another student to kick off the prayer and then you finish up.