Hey all! This is an all inclusive document with all the info needed for summer camp 2018. There has been several emails sent out but here is all the info in one place.


Parents: When your student was signed up you were asked for an email address. BigStuf has sent consent / permission / release forms to that email address. These must be filled out in order for your student to attend camp. Please check the email used to register for an email from “BigStuf”. It could also be in spam! The email is titled “Your new BigStuf account”. If any forms are not filled out by tomorrow morning we will need a parent or legal guardian present to fill out the forms before we leave.



11:00am | 3260 GA-16, Sharpsburg, GA 30277 | HWY 16 Campus | Studio 3

Please either eat before, or bring a sack lunch / snacks for the drive. We will be having dinner (provided by the camp) at 5:30pm




4:00pm  3260 GA-16, Sharpsburg, GA 30277 | HWY 16 Campus | Studio 3

Please bring money for lunch on the return trip home. We will be stopping for a quick lunch where there are multiple options for lunch. This time may shift one way or the other depending on traffic and load time. We will keep all parents updated through our instagram (@crossroadsfusion) and through text / email.



  • Beach Towels

  • Sun Screen

  • Water Bottle

  • Flip Flops

  • Bathing Suit

  • T Shirts

  • Bible & Journal

  • (Bed Linens & Bath Towels are provided in the hotel rooms)

  • Optional: Spending money for snacks, arcade games, & the BigStuf Store


DRESS CODE (from BigStuf Camps)

Guys, here are some parameters to follow:

  • Please make sure all attire is modest & appropriate.

  • No speedos or anything that semi resembles a speedo.

  • Unless at the beach or pool, wear a shirt at all times that completely covers the chest & torso.

  • No sagging of shorts, pants or swim trunks.

Girls, here are some parameters to follow:

  1. Please make sure all attire is modest & appropriate.

  2. One piece bathing suits (no cutouts) or tankini’s that fully cover the stomach.

  3. Stomach should be covered at all times.

  4. All shirts, dresses, & rompers should have a modest neckline.

  5. Shorts & rompers must have at least a 3” inseam.

  6. Skirts, dresses, & rompers should keep you fully covered when bending over.


Students are allowed to bring their phones however there will be times when we ask that they be put away. Students will be staying in rooms with other students (of the same gender) and a Background Checked approved Fusion leader. 


Lets have an awesome week at camp! See you tomorrow.