ReFuel 2018


What is Refuel?

Refuel is a weekend leadership event. The goal is to refuel our tanks through an inspring message, vision casting, and worship experience to help us get ready to engage a new year of ministry. 


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Learn More About Becoming A 315 Leader

In Jeremiah 3:15 the Lord says to His people, “I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding” (NIV).

Those words were uttered thousands of years ago but they are as relevant today as they were when God first spoke them.

We all need leadership, and especially within the church. In order for the mission of Jesus Christ to be accomplished, the church needs leaders who have God’s heart and the knowledge and understanding to lead the way Jesus led. Without question the mission of the church rises and falls on leadership.

Since the right type of church leadership is so critical, it is essential that we are able to define and develop leaders. The 315 Leadership is a tool to help the church define and develop the right kind of leaders.

To make the most of this 315 training, I would suggest you give your best to each lesson and the activities given in the sidebars. Filling in the lesson blanks is not the ultimate goal! The ultimate goal is for the Holy Spirit to develop you into a Christ-like leader. A 315 Leader!


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